The Emotion Quotient

Emotionally Intelligent Professional“A leader is not necessarily someone in a leadership position.” 

That excellent quote was spoken by Dr. Diana Bilimoria Sept. 28 at her presentation “Leading with Emotional Intelligence,” which I had the pleasure of attending last Friday.

Leaders are the people who keep an organization running smoothly because, no matter what challenges they face, they get the job done.  They are also the level-headed folks that help those around them keep their sanity during stressful or even crisis situations.

The most outstanding leaders are able to suck it up when their feelings are hurt or if something or someone pisses them off.  Furthermore, they know not to take their emotions out on their employees or co-workers. 

Unfortunately, in many organizations managers fail to keep their high-intensity emotions in check.  When a person loses his or her cool on the job, it can have a severely negative impact on morale, production and quality of work.  If you want to read a horror story, Losing it at work?check out the TannerFriedman  blog from Oct. 2.

According to Bilimoria, only 37 percent of people have the ability to recognize and control thier emotions when having them.  That means that if you work in an organization of 100 people there are 63 potentional human time-bombs ticking away.

But have no fear! Communication can save you.

If you are the manager, set the example.  When you’re irked about something you ought to say so, but do it in a respectful manner.  Allowing your employees and co-workers to understand the stress you’re under can be helpful.  

EI gets results

Read this note from a boss to employees for some insight and inspiration.  Perhaps your employees will let it slide if you happen to jump down their throats about something or if you’re giving the cold shoulder.  Just don’t make it a habit to engage in those behaviors. They will strain your relationships.

Also, if you notice that someone else is on the verge of an emotional breakdown, help them recognize and rationalize his (or her) way through it.  You’ll be doing your co-workers and yourself a favor by showing that you care.


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  1. I really believe that as a leader you need to maintain your cool at all times. If you wish to be a firm leader you need to be a good speaker. Someone who’s not afraid to be asked the same question. Someone who can handle any situation the best they can without yelling at the customer or employee(s). As a leader you need to show a calm professional tone, no matter who you are speaking with or what the converstation is regarding at that time.

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