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Enjoy the colors of my world 

Funky flowers in the park

Tiny bloomPhotography is my favorite pastime.  I rarely leave my apartment without my HP Photosmart M22 digital camera, which is what all of these photos were captured on.  I snapped most of these in my hometown of Painesville Township, Cleveland and Kent.  I’m fascinated by plants, flowers and skyscapes.  One can truly begin to understand the concept of growth by observing nature as it emerges and evolves.

Sunset at Fairport beach



lake erie from twp. parkPainesville Eagle Eye View


3 Responses

  1. Great selection of pictures, the one of Lake Erie brings me serenity and peace.

  2. These pictures are absolutely breathtaking!!

  3. I love your pics! You are a great advertisement for your camera! I’ve been wanting another one…I am gonna look @ the one you mention.


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