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Fake press conference reflects FEMA’s culture
November 5, 2007

FEMA logoOh FEMA, not again!  After reading the news of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s faux press conference held Oct. 23, I couldn’t believe that this organization still doesn’t have its priorities in place!  The saddest part about it all, at least for us communicators, is that we’re the ones receiving the bad reputation.  Let me make it clear to you skeptics out there — this does not happen in every organization, nor is every PR professional out to deceive the public.


Inside Crisis
October 13, 2007

Flames engulf a CSX train that derailed in Painesville, OH Oct. 10As I watched two local disasters — a CSX train derailmentin my hometown of Painesville, OH and a school shooting at SuccessTech Academy
in Cleveland — break news Wed. Oct. 10, I thought about how organizations
and cities prepare for and react to crises.  There are procedures being followed amidst the chaos, but we don’t always get to see those internal chains of events that occur prior to, during and after an incident. (more…)