Healthy people makes a happy company
November 16, 2007

Avery Dennison logoAt my mom’s house this past weekend, I came across an Avery Dennison internal communications publication USA Connection.  I enjoyed reading the content because it allowed me to better understand my mom’s employer.  But, I also appreciated the objective served by the literature.  In fact, I was delighted that one of the main purposes of the publication was to promote employee wellness.

Half of the twelve articles addressed health-related topics including informative reports on corporate-sponsored health services, diet and nutrition tools and where to find low-cost prescriptions. But, the article I found most inspiring A model of a five-pound fat masstold the story of a nearly 350-pound employee who made the decision to get in shape after seeing a five-pound mass of human fat on display at a Painesville health center.  (more…)