Planting the seed
September 26, 2007

Hi there!  Welcome to the debut of PRisGrowth.  I’m thrilled you stopped by.  I’ve got to admit, I’ve been pretty nervous about jumping into the blogosphere.  It’s like standing on a stage with your pants around your ankles in front of the whole high school.  EVERYONE CAN SEE YOU, and it ain’t pretty! 

Not that everyone is looking, but my point is that in the public realm you’re vulnerable. Keeping that in mind, I plan to stay on my best behavior with my belt fastened tight. 

Anyway, let’s talk about what this blog is really about:

  • It’s about you,
  • it’s about your job, and
  • it’s about the people you work with.

My goal is to provide you with knowledge and advice about how to foster growth and good communication in the workplace.  (more…)